As much as I enjoy reading, I have to admit I have not read many classics.  The likes of Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Emily Bronte etc.  Sure, I’ve read a few, but several of which were in high school and a few in later years.  So, I am setting myself a goal and that is to read a classic every now and then.  I am not going to set myself a really difficult goal, by saying once a month I’m going to read a really long one, but I do want try and start reading them on a somewhat regular basis.

I’ve started with A Tale of Two Cities.  I just read a few pages in the early hours of the morning, so I really can’t give much of an opinion for starters.

At the moment I’m reading Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer.  I read Into Thin Air a couple of years ago, about the ill fated 1996 Everest Expedition, and found it really interesting.  I knew very little about climbing Everest at the time, and all the time and finances that goes into it, so I certainly learned a fair bit from the book.  Not that I have any desire to go climbing Everest, even if I did have the time and money……. Maybe a trek to base camp, but that’s as far as I would go.  I watched Into the Wild when it first came out, with my mother, and she got quite upset trying to make sense why someone would do what Christopher McCandless did.  I think that as a mother, she related more to his parents angst, and felt he was selfish doing what he did to his parents.  I felt I could understand to a point why – not his being unforgiving towards his parents, but at times I wish I could chuck it all in, hit the road and free myself from the restraints of society, but only a few of us have the courage to actually do what he did. Sadly, or even maybe selfishly he held onto his anger with parents for a long time.  If he’d been able to let go of that anger sooner, maybe the outcome wouldn’t have been as tragic.  Both books though, show that ultimately nature does not let us off lightly.