outlander collage books keep calm outlanderoutlander film picThese books are large ones, with lots of rambling adventures.  Right now I am busy reading the third installment Voyager.  The first two books, Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber, were mostly about Claire, the “Sassenach” (Scottish for English person) and the big red haired Scot Jamie, who fall in love.  Claire travels through stones in Scotland in 1945 and ends up in Scotland some 200 years previously.  Although Claire is married in 1945, she and Jamie marry, for Claire’s safety, but their attraction to one another is immediate and soon they are passionately in love. While reading these books, although I have enjoyed them, and the story line of time travel, they are around 700 pages or longer, and I find I need a break from their rambling adventures so I will find something else to read.  The first one I finished in 2013, and then when I watched the first series (which does justice to the books) last year, I finished the second book  and now am nearly half way through the third, which for whatever reason I have gotten through fairly quickly compared to the other two.  If anything they probably could have been slimmed down a little, and some of the rambling done away with. I do have all the series on my kindle, until book 8, so I expect I will take a while to finish them.

The other night I felt I needed a break from Claire and Jamie, and began reading Bill Bryson’s One Summer, America 1927, which I am finding rather interesting, with all it’s politics, adventure, notable people of the time, what was making headlines & other various events of the time.   Not being American, although I knew who Charles Lindbergh was, for example, the most I knew about him was his baby was kidnapped for ransom, not that his initial claim to fame was for flying solo across the Atlantic. The Prohibition story is interesting as well, of course it’s something I knew about, but not in great historical detail, which Mr Bryson does well to explain and even though I barely know a thing about baseball, being a cricket fan myself, I did know who Babe Ruth was but knew very little about him personally.   Mr Bryson brings him back to life in the book and I have been absorbed in all these stories.  I am nearly half way through the book, so will see what the rest of the summer of 1927 in America holds.