It’s been a while since I updated here, so time to do some catching up.  Since February,when I last posted, I have read some some average books, and some good books.  The two books I enjoyed the most were science fiction, Wool and Sand, both by the same author, Hugh Howey.

The first one I read was Wool, set in a world that is uninhabitable outside, so humans are living in silos. If you are into science fiction, it’s a really good read with lots of action and suspense, but also the necessary human emotions to go with it.  Next I read Sand, which I enjoyed more than Wool.  The opposite of living in silos, humans are living in a desert which is engulfing the land, but not everything is quite as it seems.  Again, good action and suspense, and characters that I enjoyed reading about.  Howey’s stories are plausible, because who knows what Earth will end up like many thousands from now.  According to google, Wool may be made into a movie and it wouldn’t surprise me, it deserves to be.


Neverhwere was an entertaining fantasy read, which I really enjoyed.  Imaginative and with lots of action and adventure, the story was about a young man thrust into an alternate London and what he gets caught up in. If this is your cup of tea, it’s a good read.

So far for 2016, my three best reads have been science fiction/fantasy.